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RX550 dGPU model different Lexa and Polaris 21

2020-12-19 | 分类: 计算机硬件 | 查看: 4570

If you need a dGPU for SFF chassis like dell 7040sff, hp z240sff, you need a LP (low-profile) GPU.

Only one Raedon Pro WX 4100 (very expensive) and RX550 cards are available from AMD.

With the RX550, make sure they have a Device ID 1002:67FF (Polaris 10,11,20,21). Most have a Device ID 1002:699F (Polaris 12). This can be done by means of an SSDT-GPU- SPOOF.aml to run (so I did) but here you do nothing but replace the 699F with the 67FF ID.

Comparison of the two different RX 550 cards.



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    unless the core could take the replaced id